Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Kate Middleton extreme weight loss fuels anorexia rumors: Weighs 100 pounds?

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, has fueled anorexia rumors after showing off her dramatic post-baby weight loss and skinny frame.

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Liam Neeson Talks His Recently "Gaunt" Appearance and Drastic Weight Loss

This past summer, Liam Neeson made headlines when he stepped out looking especially thin — leaving many fans concerned about his sudden and …

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Adele Lost So Much Weight! Before And After Pictures Reveal Amazing Transformation

Adele’s weight loss is amazing! Showing off her thin figure in New York City, Adele’s never looked better. So what are Adele’s diet and exercise secrets …

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3pm-November 16, 2015: Tequila Weight Loss

Can’t take pictures of Santa at the mall, Tequila could help you loose weight and be good for diabetics, Scientist have found why slackers exist, and …

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Maradona has surgery to lose 75kg – that's the same weight as Memphis Depay

But Diego Maradona has undergone a gastric bypass after being told he is 75kg overweight. Diego Maradona. To put that into context, Memphis …

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Liam Neeson Explains His Drastic Weight Loss Was For A Martin Scorsese Film! See 12 Other ...

This summer Liam Neeson stepped out looking very thin; his continued weight loss has made many fans concerned for the Taken star’s health!

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How to Organize Your Kitchen for Weight Loss

The way you feng shui your kitchen—from d├ęcor to dishes—can help or hurt your weight loss journey. Read this before you unload your dishwasher!

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